April 2018
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Haiti Sports Complex

In 2017, Mission of Hope: Haiti and the AO1 Foundation began a partnership to bring hope for a nation through sport.  It is through this partnership that the AO1 Foundation will continue to help fund, maintain, and run the Haiti Sports Complex.  

Future Sports Complex

Where it all began?

After Carson visited Haiti during the spring of 2017 on a mission trip, he knew the AO1 Foundation needed to be part of the Haiti Sports Complex.  He saw the great work Mission of Hope: Haiti had already been doing throughout the country and knew this project would only supplement all the other wonderful things being done.  Some of this work includes providing 91,000 meals per day, providing education for over 9,000 per day, and building villages from the inside out on a daily basis.  A few months after Carson’s visit, the AO1 Foundation granted MOH: Haiti the funds to complete phase I of the sports complex.

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Where are we now?

During the spring of 2018, the AO1 Foundation and other members of the Philadelphia Eagles returned to Haiti to work on the Sports Complex and other projects in local villages. The Foundation quickly noticed that Phase I of the project is well underway with it’s completion nearing. This means that the fundraising for Phase II is now underway! 

Why Sports?

The harsh reality in the country of Haiti is that over 98% of people will not graduate high school, over 80% of people are unemployed, and over 54% of people live in poverty. However, we believe the root cause of these issues is a lack of opportunities, limited focus on education, and a lack of understanding of identity.  By impacting over 15,000 children per year, the Sports Complex will provide the opportunity for children to develop positive character traits and life values. Through mentorship, children will learn the importance of teamwork, perseverance, discipline, and how to become men and women of integrity. Sports create a foundation to develop important characteristics that these children will carry with them the rest of their lives.Currently, about 55% of the population of Haiti is under the age of 25. These early years are critical to the development of a child and many of these children desire to play sports. We believe that sports create an opportunity for a child to develop physical skills, foster teamwork, learn interpersonal abilities, grow in responsibility, and learn discipline.Sports has the capacity to mobilize and inspire youth from different cultures and backgrounds. It helps them cope with stress, cultivate a sense of responsibility, and nurture a healthy development. This is why Mission of Hope, HKS, FC Dallas, and the AO1 Foundation aim to bring the Sports Complex to Haiti. 

Gospel Reach?

While the AO1 Foundation believes that sports can teach valuable lessons to help advance the Haitian youth, we understand the ultimate goal is to reach these kids for Christ. One of the beauties of the Sports Complex is that every North American and Haitian worker will be trained to include aspects of the Gospel when interacting with kids. Through these interactions with mentors and older role models, we believe children will begin to change the way they view the world around them. These coaches will be readily available to dig deeper in the Word with the players and help guide them to a local church. By working with local villages and local churches, we believe we can introduce every child that steps foot on the Sports Complex to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.