April 2018
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Your support counts! Help us make a difference by uplifting individuals and communities around the world! Click here to make a monetary donation. Thank you to all those who support our mission!

The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation does not provide autographed or other items for outside auctions and/or fundraising events. Carson personally chooses organizations that he wishes to support and handles that outside the foundation. He cannot supply items to every benefit or fundraiser due to the sheer number of worthy causes.

We appreciate that Carson has so many amazing fans and foundation supporters! However, our incredible team is dedicated to carrying out our mission and not fulfilling countless requests for personal meetings with Carson, autographs, special appearances, personal text messages, motivational speeches, school assemblies & class project involvement. Fan mail should be addressed to the Philadelphia Eagles. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to accomplish our mission – uplifting individuals and communities around the world. Please also note that the foundation does not forward email or personal mail to Carson or to the Philadelphia Eagles. We are also unable to arrange for personal visits, game tickets or business ventures unrelated to the Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation.

Thank you so much in your willingness to tangibly serve and further God's love for His people. However, at this immediate time, we are not looking for any additional volunteers. But as the AO1 Foundation continues to grow, we know many individuals will be needed. We recommend that everybody interested in volunteering should sign up for our newsletter which can be located on the foundation’s homepage, This list will help us reach out directly to those interested in helping when the appropriate time arises.

Questions or issues regarding your order? Please contact Chris Zink at  Need help returning or exchanging an item?  Click here for more information.  Lastly, the AO1 Foundation ships all orders via USPS standard flat rate shipping.  We strive to have all products delivered within 5-7 business days.

Before contacting the Foundation, please take a moment to note that the AO1 Foundation does not accept unsolicited funding requests. Although we know and appreciate that there are many wonderful and very worthy causes and organizations around the world in need of assistance, we simply cannot consider fulfilling other requests. Keep in mind we are simply one organization trying to make a difference, which means we have limitations as well. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we dedicate all of our resources and time to our mission and initiatives. 

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